Davis-Monthan Air Force Base Tour

Deadline to register for the tour has passed. No more registrations will be taken in advance or onsite. Those that have registered will be sent information about the tour.

Thursday, August 17
$40 per person

Requires additional purchase to attend the tour. You MUST have a Common Access Card (CAC) to participate in the tour. You will be required to present the card before you board the bus.

Don’t miss the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base tour.  The tour features two sites: the 355th Wing and the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group

With a history dating back to 1942 at the Orlando Army Base, the 355th Wing has been located at the McGhee-Tyson Airport in Tennessee, Takhli Royal Thai Air Base, George AFB California, and now calls Davis-Monthan it home.  The 355 has seen action in WWII, Vietnam, operations Desert Storm, Enduring Freedom, Southern Watch, Atlantic Resolve, and Inherent Resolve, and also provided defense for the Atomic Energy Plant Oak Ridge.  The 355th is responsible for training and deploying A-10C Thunderbolt II pilots.

The 355th Wing tour offers an exclusive opportunity to explore the renowned Davis-Monthan Wing's Corrosion Program while providing an up-close encounter with an awe-inspiring A-10 Thunderbolt during its phase inspection.  As part of this exceptional experience, tour participants will disembark from the comfortable tour bus, enabling them to witness firsthand the meticulous maintenance required to preserve the integrity of this iconic aircraft.  By observing the dedicated maintainers in action, guests will gain insights into their remarkable ability to adapt to ever changing operational challenges.  Following this enlightening encounter, attendees will be escorted to Davis-Monthan's state-of-the-art Corrosion facility, where the highly skilled experts will reveal their cutting-edge equipment and showcase their meticulously designed procedures for effective corrosion management.

The 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group, also known as AMARG, takes pleasure in welcoming the DoD Corrosion Prevention Technology and Innovation Symposium for a windshield mission orientation of America's National-Level Airpower Reservoir.  During the mission orientation, we will provide, not only basic statistics about AMARG (such as size of the facility, number of artisans/technicians employed, and number of stored assets), but also a brief history of the command, an idea of AMARG's customers, and most important, a description of AMARG's five mission areas.  These mission areas include, aircraft preservation and storage (which includes corrosion prevention), aircraft parts reclamation, aircraft disposal preparation, aircraft regeneration (that is, restoration to flying service), and limited depot-level maintenance.  There is a great deal more to AMARG than stored aircraft.  This facility is truly America's National-Level Airpower Reservoir.

Tour attendance is limited to CAC holders only.  Advance reservations must be made as part of the DoD Corrosion Symposium registration process.

Tour Schedule

0800 - Bus depart hotel
0845 - Arrive Davis-Monthan Air Force Base
0900 - Tour 355th Wing Maintenance Operations
1015 - Comfort break (rest room) and bus drive to AMARG
1030 - AMARG windshield tour
1130 - Bus back to the hotel